Scar gel

sorwinii tos сорвины тос

    • Hypertrophic scars due to accident, burn, acne, surgical operation
    • Keloids scars
    • Inflammations caused by injections, acne
    • Scar hyperpigmentation
    • Scar on the face/body that is difficult to apply silicon sheets
    • Reduce the volume & thickness of scars and keloids
    • Block the pathway of bacteria and dirt without preventing area to penetrate.
    • Soften, smooth, flatten and enhance scar elasticity
    • Reduce irritations and inflammations
    • Decrease redness and hyperpigmentation
    • Relieve the itching or burning sensation which can accompany scars.

Froika Scar Gel application can begin right after the complete healing and never on open wounds. Use gel twice a day on clean and dry skin. Place a small quantity of gel on the tip of your finger and apply throughout the scar’s whole length. Massage for a few minutes, by exercising mild pressure on the skin, until completely absorbed.

Allium Cepa extractrn Has antimitonic action and inhibits the growth of the fibroblasts that produce collagen
Flavonoids Contribute in reduction of irritations & inflammations
Vitamin E Antioxidant and Soothing action
ω-3, ω-6 fatty acids etc.. Softening, Smoothing, Healing and Anti-Inflammatory action

Here is our Mongolian customer’s before and after photo using Scar gel after burn. He used three months to reach this wonderful result.