“Nano Pharm Trade” LLC is Mongolia’s leading company in the fields of pharmaceutical products import and distribution. Founded in 2014, the company initially only focused on importing orthopedic and dermatological topical treatments.Since that time, it has been growing steadily.

The success of Nano Pharm Trade has been predicated on a value-oriented company culture and a customer-centered approach that has resulted in steady and sustainable growth.


nano pharm trade mongolia

Now we import pharmaceutical products from companies such as  ILKO pharmaceuticals of Turkey, Ream Med of Germany, Froika dermocosmetics of Greece, Dongkoo bio & Pharma, Daihan pharm, Samilpharm of Korea, Balcan Pharma of Bulgaria, Kraspharm, AVVA rus, Bestpharm of Russia, Indswift of India, Labiofam of Cuba, OSKY medical of China etc carry and supply more than 150 products to the Mongolian healthcare market.


Nano Pharm Trade – 1F, 74 building, 7th khoroo, Bayangol District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia – 16094

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  • Office: +976 7745 0303
  • Tel: +976 9990 3954